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XGJD3-30 3 Chamber Rubber Modified Asphalt Tank (Multi-functional)
Performance and features:

       XGJD3-30 3 Chamber Rubber Modified Asphalt Tank features and technical data:

Suitable for mixing SBS, PE, EVA, SBR with asphalt and storage the mixture;

Three isolated chamber, three vertical agitators, 6 groups of burner, each of chambers (10m3) can work alone. First choice when build bridge and airport highway;

Heating system: direct heating or hot oil heating system;

Fixed hot oil system inside the tank makes it convenient to preheat asphalt pump, valve and pipeline;

Connecting point fixed on the top can be connected to the SBS or other additives adding system, or delivery pump;

Two Italian burners for each of the chamber, and they are isolated and can be operated safely;

Automatic control panel, asphalt temperature is adjustable;

Floating ball level indicator to display the level and prevent the dry heating at the same time;

40ft tank container frame, easy to transport and international delivery;

Asphalt unloading pump (positive): 43m3/h

Asphalt discharge pump capacity (positive): 5-40m³/h

Adding system capacity: 6m3/h

Intelligent flow meter: DN100

Designed pressure: 1.0bar (optional)

Max operating temperature: 200℃