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CLR 9-50 Asphalt Emulsion Plant
Performance and features:

        Feature and technical data

Suitable for emulsifying all types of asphalt, such as general asphalt, SBS, SBR, modified asphalt and so on. And produce asphalt emulsion with asphalt contains 50-70%. Emulsion asphalt is mainly used for road surface, slurry seal course and road maintenance.

The finished asphalt emulsion is stable performance and can be long term stored without segregation;

Intelligent control, highly automated;

Match with famous inverter. Flow meter to control proportion of asphalt, emulsifier, water and acid;

Control system can monitor the temperature of asphalt and water and liquid level;

Heating system: direct heating or hot oil heating system;

Style: stationary or moveable(accordance with international container size, easy to be moved)

Output: 9t/h-50t/h …