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LRL Vertical Asphalt Tank (Asphalt Tank Farm)
Performance and features:

        Features and technical data:       

Suitable for storage, heating and split charging of big amount of asphalt, coal tar pitch and electrode pitch.

Capacity: the capacity of the single tank ranges from 1000000L to 5000000L, and the total capacity of the asphalt tank farm can be up to tens of thousands of litres

The heating system can be direct heating, hot oil heating or electric heating;

Fuel can be diesel oil, fuel oil, heavy oil, nature gas, LPG, coal and coal gas (produced by coal gas-producer) ...

Special designed partial heating system (tank-in-tank) with the function of heating and getting certain amount of asphalt as request from bulk stored quantity。It helps to heat asphalt fast, shorten the heating time, energy saving and ensure the asphalt heating quality.

Hot pipe (superconductor) direct heating, high heating efficiency;

Unique automatic asphalt supplementary device, saving the fuel further;
Intelligent control, simplified operation, easy to use.